About The Boulder Alano Club

The Boulder Alano Club is scheduled to open in mid-July, 2018 and will be a facility that serves the community by providing support, outreach, social interaction, and an accepting drug and alcohol free gathering place for all people affected by alcoholism and other addictions who seek physical, mental, and spiritual renewal through recovery.

With moral and financial support from the community and participating recovery groups, Boulder Alano Club will welcome afflicted individuals and their families who are active and in their struggle to overcome alcoholism and other addictions.

The Boulder Alano Club in and of itself is not a 12-step program nor an addiction recovery center, but will be home to many different recovery-based programs and groups via rental agreements, thereby acting as landlord to those individual groups.  The Club will serve its purpose by providing an outwardly healthy environment, a venue that is conducive to recovery, a physical location where each group can hold its meetings that allows for fellowship activities before, after and in between those meetings.

Venue for Social and Recreational Activities

One critical challenge facing those in recovery is that they must not only change their past behaviors, but they must also establish an almost entirely new network of friends thereby embracing a new way of life.  The Club's goal will be to provide a healthy environment to sober, clean, and recovering individuals who are on the path to well-being where they can socialize, learn from each other, attend meetings, participate in group and family functions, and grow together.  Meeting marathons, holiday celebrations, dances, open mics, game nights, memorial services, coffee/cafe are some of the potential offerings.

Meeting Space for 12-step Mentorship

There will be 2 private spaces available at the Boulder Alano Club where sponsors and sponsees can meet.  It doesn’t matter whether they’re simply catching up over a cup of coffee or getting together for a heavy duty step-working session, there will be space for Club members to work with others according to the 12th step of their recovery-based program.  Members will be able to reserve these spaces through the BAC website once the Club opens.