Why did you develop the Boulder Alano Club?

The purpose of 12-step programs is to help as many people as possible. A club makes that possible because when someone searches online or calls Intergroup for a meeting, they will be directed to one central, easy-to-find, accessible meeting space, with capacity for multiple meetings.

Having a clubhouse fosters more opportunities for fellowship and community activities because many meetings are held in one location which means the recovery community interacts more often.

The Club helps people not just with an alcohol addiction, but serves those who choose to attend NA, Al-Anon or any other 12-step group that wishes to meet at the Club. There are currently 25 other 12-step meetings in Boulder. The Club provides a space for more of these meetings.

Some 12-step groups have a hard time finding meeting space. Anyone who wants to start a 12-step based meeting is able to do so with ease at the Alano Club. The Club will not close on holidays, and is not subject to anyone else’s schedule. (i.e. some meetings close or are rescheduled when the church’s need their space for holidays, etc.). We are able to host marathon meetings all day on holidays, a time when it is difficult for many to stay sober. We can host parties as well so those with no place to go will have food and fellowship on holidays.

There is a room to accommodate childcare. Childcare is something that is currently lacking; more parents with children will be able to attend meetings. Childcare will be provided by each group, not the Club. 

How much is the contribution for the groups who have their meetings at the Boulder Alano Club?

Each group is asked to contribute according to a sliding scale. A locked safe for your group or individual donation is located in the office door near the front of the Club. 

How early before the start of a meeting can we arrive?

We strive to keep the doors open for you! As long as the doors are open you are welcome to come in. We have more volunteers joining our ranks all the time, and our goal is to have the doors open from the first meeting in the morning until the last meeting at night. We are always looking for volunteers so see our current volunteer page if you would like to contribute! 

Can we bring in outside food? Serve coffee in our meetings?

The Boulder Alano Club has a kitchen area for people to bring in food and to make coffee for their meetings.

What kinds of groups can meet at the Club?

Any group that follows a 12-step format can meet at the Club. Contact us at info@boulderalanoclub.org for more information on starting a new group here or bringing your existing group here. 

Is there an area to hang out/fellowship, drink coffee & socialize?

Yes. The Boulder Alano Club has tables for meeting new friends at, a full bookshelf of 12-Step reading material, and some entertainment options. Monthly-dues-paying supporters of the Club are able to reserve our special sponsor / sponsee 12-Step meeting rooms. We ask that you do your part in keeping this facility clean. 

Is the Boulder Alano Club ADA compliant?

Yes! Anyone who is in a wheelchair or uses a walker will be able to easily access the meeting rooms and restrooms according to the Americans with Disabilities Act code.

What are the terms for the board members?

There is currently an interim Board made up of 12 Directors who are all volunteers.  During the next year we will have elections for 6 of the Board positions. The terms of these positions will be staggered each year. The members of the Board of Directors can be reached at info@boulderalanoclub.org

If you are interested in relocating a group to the clubhouse or starting a new meeting please contact us at info@boulderalanoclub.org.

Boulder Alano Club

4800 Baseline Rd. B102
Boulder, CO 80303
(Located next to Big Daddy Bagels)

303-494-5583    info@BoulderAlanoClub.org